Body shape analysis

You’ve probably tried the websites and read the books, trying to fathom out which body shape you’re classified as, only to find that the results never seem quite right… The fact is, your body is totally unique, which is why you need a tailor-made style guide that explains how to dress in the most flattering way. The beauty of this service is that it’s inexpensive and there’s no need for an appointment. So no matter where you are in the world, you simply email me full length body shots in line with guidelines below, and within 5 days of receiving your payment, you’ll receive a PDF of a tailor-made, informative style guide with very practical, helpful tips:

  • your most flattering neck and shoulder-lines
  • patterns & prints for your bodyline and frame
  • redressing any body shape imbalances you may have
  • the best footwear for your frame
  • how to wear accessories to show off your best bits!
  • knowing what scale to choose for accessories & clothing design features
  • choosing fabrics that drape well on your body

Cost: £70


How to provide suitable body shots
It’s important that you ask someone to take the pictures for you as you won’t be able to do this by yourself.

1. Wear leggings or thick tights + a close-fitting top/vest, so that your body shape is clearly defined
2. Stand up straight, in front of a light coloured background, feet hip-width apart

Please ask the person taking the pictures to make sure they’re taken ‘square-on’ from the height of your hips, without moving the camera in between shots, while you move from one position to the next as below:

– photo from the front, (your finger pointing to your navel / belly button)
– photo from the back (your arms relaxed at sides)
– photo from the side (your arms relaxed at sides)

Please email them to
Please await bank details for making the £70 payment. After your payment has cleared, you can expect to receive your PDF within five days from that point.