Colour Analysis

Colour analysis session – £95 and 2 hours of your time.

Get creative with colour

After your session, you’ll understand what colours suit you best and what qualities they need to have to be a part of your palette. I’ll teach you the secrets of combining colours successfully and with ease, so you can combine more outfits from what you already own.

Colour analysis drapes
Professional colour analysis drapes are used to test the best depth, clarity and undertone against your own colouring.


  • Dress creatively, combining more outfits from what you already own
  • Recognise the perfect blend of colour characteristics that suit you
  • Create illusions, making the most of your silhouette
  • Use colour to draw attention to your best bits!
  • Choose clothes, make-up, jewellery & accessories for your colouring

What to expect

Enjoy a couple of hours of real ‘you’ time!

See how different colours can really affect your appearance. I’ll be telling you what I see as we go along – how colours can make you come alive, or potentially drain you! I feel it’s important to see both sides as it gives you the complete picture. It’s just as useful to know what not to try on, as well as what’s likely to be a winning colour…

I’ll be using the analysis drapes shown above to work out your ideal blend of undertone, clarity and depth. What this means in reality is whether you:

  • Look better in colours with underlying tones which are warm or cool;
  • Are more suited to wearing brighter or softer colours;
  • Have a tendency to look your best in lighter or darker colours.

Once I have worked out where you are on these three scales, and shown you how to recognise them, the real fun starts! I can now help and guide you to select your own perfect colours and show you how to combine them in new ways.

What you get

  • Personalised colour swatch to take with you shopping *
  • Colour wheel to help you combine colours more creatively

* You’ll be keen to be able to remember everything you’ve learnt, so I provide a handy colour swatch. It’s not ‘off-the-shelf’ though – it’s personalised to you. So, after your session, I will tailor this to you, so that it represents your best colour qualities, and this will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

It’s a really unique experience to see all this happening before your very eyes, and my clients always go away with a renewed sense of purpose when it comes to their wardrobes and how they’re going to shop from now on.

Sounds fun? Come and be inspired. Give me a call on 07967 495963.

I look forward to speaking to you,