Men’s style package

AURA offers a swift plan of action to get you dressing sharper and looking smarter in your line of work and social circles. This comprehensive men’s style package delivers a 4-step process that results in great outfits created from new and existing clothes.

Total cost: £660
Your time: 8 hours as detailed below

1. Foundations (£100 and 2 hrs of your time at my NN12 studio)
This phase delivers an online collection of looks to project the right image for you, a swatch wallet of your best colours, a brief overview of your body shape, and a record of your measurements.

2. Wardrobe gap analysis (£120)
During this second stage at your wardrobe, you can get on with other things whilst I familiarise myself with your best garments to build on, noting what’s missing in order to achieve the looks you aspire to. The outcome is a budgeted shopping list of items that will combine to create all the right impressions.

3. Clothes shopping (£280 and 2 hrs of your time)
I shop alone for 5 hrs and you drop in later to try things on and make purchases for the last 2 hrs. I’ll have reserved items to suit your taste, shape, size and colouring – all with a view to achieving your desired looks within a set budget. Fast & hassle-free!

4. Wardrobe outfit styling (£160 and 4 hrs of your time)
At your wardrobe, great outfits are combined and photographed to supply to you so you can re-create them easily.