Please navigate to the review website, TrustPilot, where client testimonials are collected.  Below are a few additional ones for you to read:

Andrew, Milton Keynes (after personal shopping):
“I enjoy new clothes and looking good but find the process of shopping a time consuming and unrewarding chore, usually walking away frustrated and empty-handed. After our shopping trip, I came away with a whole new wardrobe – all on budget. The best thing is they all complement each other so I can mix and match easily. A brilliant experience – totally worth the money.”

Katrina, Northampton (after personal styling):
“Thank you for helping me understand my body shape and how I can dress to make the most of myself. I used to feel quite self-conscious about certain areas but am now more confident because I can disguise those bits and focus on others!”

Sam, Daventry (after wardrobe decluttering):
“My wardrobe looks amazing now you’ve given it a much needed tidy up. It was a task I just didn’t want to face and now it’s all decluttered, I’m going to keep it that way!”

Mark, Towcester (after personal styling)
“People have actually started calling me ‘Sir’ and my colleagues don’t call me ‘mate’ any more. I wish I’d done this ages ago as I’m getting a lot more respect now.”

Please navigate to the review website, TrustPilot, where more client testimonials are being collected.